Landscape Maintenance

Along with our landscaping services, Complete Lawn Care Inc also offers landscaping maintenance in St Louis. The maintenance of your landscapes are just as important to the curb appeal of your property as your mowing. The two go hand in hand, what good is a beautiful lawn if the landscaping is not up to par?

Hedge Trimming

We recommend pruning of shrubs a minimum of twice per year. Perennial care consists of trimming perennials such as ornamental grasses and hostas back either in the winter or early spring prior to mulch installation.

Flower Bed Maintenance

  • Weed control: Service consists of pre-emergent applications to the landscape areas twice per year. These act to prevent weeds from growing. Any weeds that do grow would be either hand pulled or sprayed.
  • Mulch Cultivation: A new service that we offer is mulch cultivation which helps to rejuvenate the mulch beds. Over time mulch can become compacted, preventing air and water from reaching the root zone of the plants. This process will break up any clumps and allow the air and water to pass through to the root zone of the plants. It also rejuvenates the color of the mulch.
  • Edging: Edging of the mulch beds help define the landscape area from the turf area. This also helps to contain the mulch in the bed, whether it be adjacent to the turf area or a sidewalk. This is accomplished by gradually sloping the mulch bed to be below the level of the grass or sidewalk.

Seasonal Color - Spring and Summer

Bring your landscapes to life with a splash of color. For early spring-Bulbs such as Tulips. For the summer-annuals such as Begonias, Petunias, Impatiens.

  • Begonias: Begonias are known for their red, scarlet, pink, rose or white flowers with either green or bronze leaves. Bronze-leafed varieties tolerate heat and sun best, while the green are more suitable for shady areas.
  • Petunias: These are low growing spreading plants that have flowers that vary from funnel-shaped single blooms to densely ruffled double blooms. There are many colors available including pure white, cream, yellow, and the entire spectrum of reds and blues. Plants will bloom throughout summer until first frost and will even work well in hanging baskets.
  • Impatiens: Impatiens work well in the shade. They come in a wide variety of colors, from nearly blue to deepest red, salmon, orange, pink, white, striped, speckled and bicolor. They are striking when mass planted, but are also effective in containers or as filler.

Seasonal Color - Fall

Mums and/or Pansies

Mulch Installation

Complete Lawn Care Inc installs a variety of mulches, and offers mulch services in St Louis. There are several different varieties of mulch, offering a wide array of colors and styles. Some are a very dark brown while others are a light brown. They also come in different consistencies from finely shredded to ones that contain more chips. Our standard mulch is a shredded hardwood that has a medium brown color.

Landscaping Services

Complete Lawn Care Inc is you first choice for landscape construction in St Louis. Our landscaping services include rock gardens, mulch installation, plant and tree installation, retaining walls and more. Construction of your landscaping project requires study and observation. Landscaping in St Louis will vary according to different regions. Complete Lawn Care is familiar with all the local natural soil types and grasses. Hiring a professional landscaping company in St Louis is highly recommended if being done for the first time. Understanding the site your landscape project is one of the chief essentials for successful landscaping, retaining walls, and flower beds. Natural features like terrain, soils type, soil qualities, prevailing winds, depth of the frost line, sun light and the existing system of native flora must be taken into account. In order to landscape your St Louis lawn or commercial property, the land must be reshaped in some way or form. This reshaping of land is called grading.

Landscaping is both science and art, and requires a professional eye and design skills. Complete Lawn Care Inc understands the elements of nature and construction and blends them accordingly. Your landscape project will be beautiful to look at, while having a minimal impact to the existing flora and terrain. A rock garden can add an interesting feature to the front or side of your home. Our mulching services can be the perfect place to begin planting your new garden, or used to highlight a particular area of your lawn. In addition, retaining walls can add a large visually attractive space that not only serves as a planting area, but also to hold back lawn slopes and soil.

Rock Garden Installation

Complete Lawn Care Inc installs custom rock garden landscape features in St Louis, MO. Having a rock garden can greatly enhance the outside of your home or business. We offer multiple choices for rock type, and retaining wall stone colors. When you are wanting to add a bit of flair, or to highlight a certain area of your home or business, contact Complete Lawn Care Inc.