Premium Snow Removal

Complete Lawn Care, Inc., we deliver premium snow removal services to commercial locations in Florissant, and Hazelwood, MO. We are a reputable company that is available to provide services 24/7.
Sidewalk snow removal services are based on an hourly rate as those time can vary based on the amount of snow and type – is it 1 inch of snow that can be blown with a leaf blower, is it 2 inches of ice that has to be hand chiseled or is 8 inches of snow?
Complete Lawn Care, Inc. offers commercial property and lot snow plowing services in the St Louis area, including Florissant and Hazelwood. When you need snow removed or salt applied to prevent icing, contact us. We offer 24/7 snow removal service in St Louis for over 15 years. We do not subcontract our snow removal services. Our North County, St Louis snow removal services include residential communities, commercial lots and private large areas.

Snow Plowing

We generally schedule a walk-through of the property before providing an estimate that way we can better understand your wants and the needs of your property: including where to relocate the snow, obstacles to avoid, at this time we would also discuss hours of operation and areas of top priority. We may feel the need to mark the boundaries of your lot with poles to help guide us through the lot on the deeper snow falls.
Our pricing varies from property to property but we would provide you with an estimate for your specific property. Our snow plowing is priced by the push based upon the depth at time of service (for example 1-3 inches or 3-6 inches).

Commercial Snow Plowing

Complete Lawn Care Inc offers commerical snow plowing services 24/7 to meet your needs in the Florissant and Hazelwood area. Need a parking lot cleared for your morning business traffic in North County? No problem. Have a large area that needs snow removal and ice prep? Simple. Call Complete Lawn Care, Inc. to learn more about our annual affordable contract rates at 314-220-2181.

Snow and Ice Management

We offer complete snow and ice management services including: snow plowing and salting of parking lots as well as snow shoveling, snow blowing and ice melt applied to your walk ways. Salting is set price per application.
Snow and Ice Management Products

Salt: sodium chloride, or rock salt, is the most common de-icer in use today. Generally this product is effective, though not in all conditions. Only a knowledgeable snow and ice contractor will know when and how to apply the right amount of material to create a safe environment for your property. In very cold conditions (typically less than 23 degrees F), salt begins to lose its effectiveness and is either not used or is overused in an attempt to make up for reduced performance.

There are many other products in use today, these products include:

Anti-Icing vs De-Icing

Understanding the difference between anti-icing and de-icing can yield insight into the different approaches utilized by professional snow removal services. Professional services do not always rely on one approach or tool for all storms, but use a variety of tools to maintain the safest conditions possible during the season. A main goal for a professional service provider, which benefits both the property manager and the contractor, is to reach a designated level of service as quickly and efficiently as possible. Any information in this section is very general, only a trained and qualified snow and ice professional should make decisions regarding what material to use on a specific location.


De-icing is the reactive application of ice control products to driving or walking surfaces, to melt existing snow and ice. Deicing is performed after snow removal operations to melt any remaining snow and ice.


Anti-icing is the pro-active application of ice and snow melting products to driving or walking surfaces prior to a snow or ice storm. Anti-icing helps prevent snow and ice from bonding to the pavement, allowing snow and ice to be cleared more easily. When used effectively, anti-icing can create some of the safest conditions in the winter, and be a cost-effective alternative to de-icing